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Thursday, December 23, 2010

leaving pets behind :(

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this year my family is leaving for a family reunion for the first time in a lloonngg time over Christmas break. We're leaving tomorrow and I already miss our two kittens we got about (2?) months ago. :(
I don't know how pet owners that take a lot of trips manage it. I was watching them frisk around today and felt extremely lonely all of sudden, and kinda guilty like i hadn't been playing with them as much as i should (which is kinda ridiculous because they sleep with me and i spend all waking time with them.)

Hah hah, I sound like a mom who's kids going off to their first day of school. No doubt I'll learn to deal with it and i know the people who are taking care of them will do a good job.

However I'll miss the two little bundles of fur who bundle up and keep me warm at night. :)

I'll miss ya Einstein and Shenu!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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I'm watching Naruto and my favorite character Orochimaru just turned into a girl or something????
this was him before...

 This is him after x.x
I hate it when stories pull that stunt -.-
ahh well... it probebly won't stay.... hopefully...
and for some more Orochimaru fun....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i need to bookmark this...

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The most helpful site in the world is right here.
I can never figure out how to spell this word for my life ^^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

track (cuz im a copy cat :P)

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yep, so i started doing track recently and it is one of the most difficult sport related activity I have ever done. The intensity is so much higher and workouts harder than any soccer team I've ever been on. At most, the high school soccer team might have 4 practices a week (cuz of games and what not preventing more) and we'd usually have friday off. None of that here ^^
I've been told the track team at our school isn't very good so maybe that's why..?
Today was the first day i actually did timed sprints and i was so dizzy and sick by the time i was done^^ I got to enjoy standing on the ceiling for a while as the floor spun in circles ^^ I think I'm dehydrated, but i dunno. I'm gonna try to drink more though.
Despite numerous injuries and stiffness though, I'm enjoying track^^ I'm hoping it'll help me get faster for soccer.

On a random side note, i've been trying to set aside time every day to draw. Although im failing at finding time, its been slowly happening. Maybe i'll post some :P

P.S. I'm not sure if u'll read this but you, yes, you, track buddy with long bangs!
You are not slow!! I would post this on ur blog thing but i can't figure out how...