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Thursday, December 23, 2010

leaving pets behind :(

hello hello hello
this year my family is leaving for a family reunion for the first time in a lloonngg time over Christmas break. We're leaving tomorrow and I already miss our two kittens we got about (2?) months ago. :(
I don't know how pet owners that take a lot of trips manage it. I was watching them frisk around today and felt extremely lonely all of sudden, and kinda guilty like i hadn't been playing with them as much as i should (which is kinda ridiculous because they sleep with me and i spend all waking time with them.)

Hah hah, I sound like a mom who's kids going off to their first day of school. No doubt I'll learn to deal with it and i know the people who are taking care of them will do a good job.

However I'll miss the two little bundles of fur who bundle up and keep me warm at night. :)

I'll miss ya Einstein and Shenu!

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