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Thursday, December 23, 2010

leaving pets behind :(

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this year my family is leaving for a family reunion for the first time in a lloonngg time over Christmas break. We're leaving tomorrow and I already miss our two kittens we got about (2?) months ago. :(
I don't know how pet owners that take a lot of trips manage it. I was watching them frisk around today and felt extremely lonely all of sudden, and kinda guilty like i hadn't been playing with them as much as i should (which is kinda ridiculous because they sleep with me and i spend all waking time with them.)

Hah hah, I sound like a mom who's kids going off to their first day of school. No doubt I'll learn to deal with it and i know the people who are taking care of them will do a good job.

However I'll miss the two little bundles of fur who bundle up and keep me warm at night. :)

I'll miss ya Einstein and Shenu!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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I'm watching Naruto and my favorite character Orochimaru just turned into a girl or something????
this was him before...

 This is him after x.x
I hate it when stories pull that stunt -.-
ahh well... it probebly won't stay.... hopefully...
and for some more Orochimaru fun....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i need to bookmark this...

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The most helpful site in the world is right here.
I can never figure out how to spell this word for my life ^^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

track (cuz im a copy cat :P)

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yep, so i started doing track recently and it is one of the most difficult sport related activity I have ever done. The intensity is so much higher and workouts harder than any soccer team I've ever been on. At most, the high school soccer team might have 4 practices a week (cuz of games and what not preventing more) and we'd usually have friday off. None of that here ^^
I've been told the track team at our school isn't very good so maybe that's why..?
Today was the first day i actually did timed sprints and i was so dizzy and sick by the time i was done^^ I got to enjoy standing on the ceiling for a while as the floor spun in circles ^^ I think I'm dehydrated, but i dunno. I'm gonna try to drink more though.
Despite numerous injuries and stiffness though, I'm enjoying track^^ I'm hoping it'll help me get faster for soccer.

On a random side note, i've been trying to set aside time every day to draw. Although im failing at finding time, its been slowly happening. Maybe i'll post some :P

P.S. I'm not sure if u'll read this but you, yes, you, track buddy with long bangs!
You are not slow!! I would post this on ur blog thing but i can't figure out how...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've done it again...

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Once again I've left studying for a major science test until the last minute... -.-
Every time i do this i vow that it'll never happen again,
but it does....
I'm on my 10 minute concentration break (wikihow told me to) and maybe when i get hungry I'll get some spicy food or something (It helps keep you awake i guess). Im already chewing 5 pieces of gum and exhausted because of track today.
I'm not to optimistic about this test... but who knows.

On a different note, wouldn't it be awesome to get tattoo that looked like your arms stitched together? Something kinda like this ->

okay, thats more of a stapled thing, but eithers cool.

Maybe one day^^
Right after i get those impossible snakebites

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy thanksgiving!

Hello hello hello

Happy thanksgiving! ^^
The stuffing was awesome, as were the biscuits, and gravy...
Yah, thats all i really ate
I don't really like much other stuff so... i suck I guess

On a side note I finally beat Mephesto :D
 Its taken me a long time to get to this point cuz of my limited ammount of allowed playing time so I'm pretty excited.
Somehow i wound up playing 6 straight hours of the game today 0.o
I'm gradually regaining feeling in my fingers, and then ill be able to type more than one word a minute


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks Giving!

Hello hello hello

After dealing with a packed and exhausting 3 days of school, you have no idea how pumped I am for thanksgiving.  I had so many projects that needed to be finished by today and I havent got any sleep lately, so im planning to go to bed at 8 and sleep in late tomarrow.
My family never goes anywhere for Thanksgiving break (thanks goodness) so I'm gonna try to catch up playing Diablo II. Its an oldie but goodie PC game, until i get stuck on a boss battle-.-
Mephesto will be the death of me, literaly u.u

Cant  wait for the stuffing!!! xD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

while we're on the topic...

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I love mangaka (probebly spelled that wronge...) kaori yuki so much ^^
godchild was one of the first mangas i ever read and i loved it ^^
Kaori yuki her self. I would love to meet her one day 0.o
Fairy Cube- One of her more recent mangas i've started but havent had a chance to really get into... yet...
Angle Sanctuary = A M A Z I N G
Setusna (spelled that wrong) from Angle sanctuary
another Angle sanctuary
GODCHILD THE MOST EPIC (even though i hate that word) MANGA IN THE WORLD!!!!

she inspired me to start drawing and her style is amazing
her stories are incredible, twisted and dark.
Shes unbelivable^^

Monday, November 22, 2010

I love kenny!

hello hello hello

What can i say?

My want

hello hello hello
I love this shirt so fricken much XD

orange and black are my two favorite colors and im always cold so the long sleves are amazin ^^
the only issue is the price, a whole 84 dollars which i do not posses.
maybe one day when im rich and famous ^.^


hello hello hello
yep, it's me...
I really doubt any ones gonna read this so pardon the spelling.

I'm having trouble typing cuz of a huge bandaid on my finger earned by managing to stab my finger on my basement wall.
Needless to say i wont be running my fingers across that anymore.
I love the band aid though ^^
Ever since i was little i would waste band aids on the smallest paper cut.
I called myself band aid girl :P