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Hello hello hello

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've done it again...

Hello hello hello
Once again I've left studying for a major science test until the last minute... -.-
Every time i do this i vow that it'll never happen again,
but it does....
I'm on my 10 minute concentration break (wikihow told me to) and maybe when i get hungry I'll get some spicy food or something (It helps keep you awake i guess). Im already chewing 5 pieces of gum and exhausted because of track today.
I'm not to optimistic about this test... but who knows.

On a different note, wouldn't it be awesome to get tattoo that looked like your arms stitched together? Something kinda like this ->

okay, thats more of a stapled thing, but eithers cool.

Maybe one day^^
Right after i get those impossible snakebites

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