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Hello hello hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

while we're on the topic...

hello hello hello
I love mangaka (probebly spelled that wronge...) kaori yuki so much ^^
godchild was one of the first mangas i ever read and i loved it ^^
Kaori yuki her self. I would love to meet her one day 0.o
Fairy Cube- One of her more recent mangas i've started but havent had a chance to really get into... yet...
Angle Sanctuary = A M A Z I N G
Setusna (spelled that wrong) from Angle sanctuary
another Angle sanctuary
GODCHILD THE MOST EPIC (even though i hate that word) MANGA IN THE WORLD!!!!

she inspired me to start drawing and her style is amazing
her stories are incredible, twisted and dark.
Shes unbelivable^^

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